Discover how to Practice Yoga in ways that Honour Your Body–whatever Your Age, Size, Fitness or Flexibility


Want to learn the best way for you to do yoga or create a yoga practice that works for you?

Are you at a stage of life where a slow, mindful, and gentle approach to yoga sounds appealing?



For women over forty who are new to yoga, have limited experience, or want to deepen their practice.

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By the end of this course, you’ll have the confidence to practice yoga at home and attend beginners classes without feeling lost

Yoga good for EVERY body
  • Improve your strength, flexibility & brain functionality
  • Boost your energy, fitness, and mobility
  • Let go of stress, anxiety or overwhelm
  • Feel better, calmer, and more relaxed
  • Quieten your mind and sleep better
  • Increase your bone density
  • Reduce symptoms of menopause 
Slow mindful yoga is as important as cardiovascular exercise

Despite what many Western yoga classes promote, yoga was never intended to be about getting your body into a particular shape, flowing quickly from one pose to another, or an obsession with handstands! Postures are just one of the eight limbs of yoga. 

Yoga is an opportunity to be kind to yourself and connect to your authentic truth–no matter what your shape, size, or level of flexibility.’  Alisoun Mackenzie

Welcome to Slow Mindful Yoga for Women Over 40!


Introducing the Slow Mindful Online Beginners Yoga Course

Designed for women over forty seeking a slow, mindful, and gentle approach to yoga

Join this interactive course to learn how to practice yoga safely in ways that suit your body. 

You'll discover the best version of each posture for you and experience other aspects of yoga including breath-work, meditation, relaxation, ethics, and a couple of different styles of yoga.

All with the support of a qualified teacher and community of women on a similar journey. 

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Do core yoga poses in ways that work for your body
  • Practice yoga safely at home
  • Feel more confident at yoga classes
  • Choose the best type of class for you 
  • Use props to prevent injury and improve your practice
  • Quieten your mind through meditation and breathing. 
You’ll never feel out of your depth in a yoga class again as you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to adapt classes to what suits you

Here's what you'll get when you sign up

Yoga Training Videos

30+ Short training videos you can do in your own time. These cover how to do common yoga postures (including contraindications, variations, and use of props), breathwork, mediation, and yoga philosophy. You can download these for lifetime access. 

Six LIVE Weekly Yoga Circles

Weekly 1-hour class (via Zoom) during which I'll lead you on a slow mindful yoga practice. You'll be able to ask questions, get feedback, and connect with other women doing the course. You will experience both Hatha and Subtle yoga. These calls will be recorded. 

Online Support

You'll have access to a Facebook group set up specifically for women going through this course. The perfect place to ask questions, get feedback on your practice during the week, and share your experiences. 

One-to-One Support

If you'd like more personal support and feedback, you can sign up for the one-to-one version of this course. The one-to-one package includes six 50-minute sessions with me and the flexibility to work through the course at whatever timeframe works for you. 

When is this happening?

You can sign up for this 6-week course anytime

You will get instant access to introductory modules. Subsequent modules will be released each week.

You don't need to watch these training videos before attending the weekly classes. However, you're likely to get more benefit from the classes if you do so. You can download these so you can watch them anytime

The live weekly 1-hour yoga circles (classes) happen on Wednesdays at 5-6pm UK time, via Zoom.

If you're unable to make the live classes, you will receive recordings and you'll be able to ask questions or for feedback on your practice in our Facebook Group.  

How much does it cost?

Yoga is an investment in your future 

You could watch free videos on YouTube but most of these won’t teach you how to modify postures in the best way for your body. This course will do this and give you the confidence to practice yoga at home and attend yoga classes without feeling lost.

Now is the time to invest in your health, happiness, and wellbeing. 

You can join a small group of women all working through the course for £95. Payable in one or two installments. 

Or enjoy six one-to-one sessions in addition to the group classes for only £295. Payable in one or two installments. Only three slots are available for this. 





30+ training videos 

Weekly classes (6)

Facebook Group






OR 2 PAYMENTS OF £147.50

30+ training videos 

Weekly classes (6)

Weekly one-to-one sessions (6)

Facebook Group



Course content

During this course, you will learn common yoga postures, the eight limbs of yoga and experience two different styles: Hatha Yoga and Yoga inspired by Subtle Yoga 
  • Intro Module - discover the basic principles of Hatha yoga, use of props, how to practice yoga safely. 

  • Week 1 - Explore core postures including Corpse Pose, Mountain Pose, Extended Mountain Pose, Deep Forward Fold, Half Forward Fold, Easy Pose, and Childs Pose. Plus linking breath to movement. 

  • Week 2 - Explore more postures including Plank, Chaturanga, Cobra, Downward Facing Dog, Warrior, and Tree.
  • Week 3 - Experience the basics of slow flow through practicing Sun Salutation, experimenting with transitions, and practicing new posture including Goddess, Lunge, Chair, and Triangle. 
  • Week 4 - Recap what you've learned, practice Sun Salutation A and explore more postures including seated and twists. 
  • Week 5 - Experience the power of slow mindful breath-led yoga: a powerful way to connect to balance your nervous system, improve your brain function, and reduce anxiety, fatigue, and pain. 
  • Week 6 - Consolidate your learning and consider how to continue your yoga practice.

What happens at our weekly yoga circles?

A mix of yoga class, workshop, and woman's circle designed to enable to you get the most from this course
  • Relaxation - switch off from any day-to-day stresses

  • Breathwork (pranayama) - use breathing techniques to boost how you feel and balance your nervous system.

  • Physical postures (asanas) - increase your strength, flexibility, and mobility.

  • Meditation - connect to the quietness within your mind and a deeper sense of peace. 

  • Playtime - personal practice, feedback, and Q&A.
  • Women's circle - reflect and share your insights. 

About your teacher

Alisoun Mackenzie

Your Yoga Teacher, Meaningful Life Guide, Author, Speaker & Retreat Leader

Since my early twenties, I’ve loved how yoga helps me switch off, feel more relaxed, calm, and at peace. But my short, inflexible and rounded body has never been keen on some yoga postures. I became increasingly curious about yoga when I was exploring ways to overcome burnout, fatigue, and cope better menopause. That’s when I realised there are many styles of yoga and one to suit every one of us!

Over the last few years, yoga has helped me heal, recover, and take control of my health. The more I practice, the better and stronger I feel. As a woman in my fifties, I’m now healthier than I’ve been in years. Yoga has completely transformed my body, life, business, and how I think about aging. 

That's why I've decided to teach slow mindful yoga. As an experienced coach, NLP, and EFT practitioner yoga helps my clients embody change, feel good, and make changes in their life. 

Ready to transform your health and life with yoga?

 What do you want to experience in 2021 and beyond?

Adding yoga to my daily self-care practice has really helped me overcome fatigue, increase my fitness, and re-align my life to what brings me joy. 

Everyday yoga helps me tune into what my body needs and what’s important-personally and for my business. It’s as though yoga has connected me to a new source of energy and flow. 

When we regularly show up for ourselves, all sorts of miracles can start to unfold. 

Imagine what this could do for you...

If any of what I've shared resonates with you, I'd love you to join us!

Alisoun x




30+ training videos 

Weekly classes (6)

Facebook Group






OR 2 PAYMENTS OF £147.50

30+ training videos 

Weekly classes (6)

Weekly one-to-one sessions (6)

Facebook Group



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