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Are you a business owner, entrepreneur, or leader of a business you'd like to be both profitable AND make a difference in the world? 

Join this global community to discover how to grow your business by supporting charities and causes, have a more social impact and expand your global network of like-minded people.

Enjoy ongoing support from like-minded people, access to training resources and the opportunity to elevate your visibility, success, and impact. 

By joining us you will:

  • Turn your business into a force for good

  • Save time and money by integrating effective business giving and impact strategies

  • Attract and develop deeper connections with clients, business partners, staff and suppliers who share your values 

  • Get new ideas for doing good through your business

  • Find it easier to turn your ideas into reality–NOW rather than in the future!

  • Expand your network of like-minded business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders, and causes who can help you reach more people and maximise your impact

  • Discover how to weave your 'business for good' story into your brand

  • Start making the world a better place as soon as you join – we will make a donation to a cause 

  • Dance through each day with more joy and fulfillment in your heart!

There are three different levels to choose from:

CHANGEMAKER MEMBERSHIP - for business owners, entrepreneur, and leaders who want to learn how to grow their business by supporting causes, to be part of a community and to keep up-to-date with 'business for good' best practices. Sign up to the right by selecting either the monthly business, monthly cause or lifetime membership. 

AMBASSADOR MEMBERSHIP - for business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to grow their business by supporting causes AND how to improve their marketing or product/service offering for maximum impact. Sign up to the right by selecting either the monthly or lifetime membership. 

IMPACT LEADER MEMBERSHIP - for successful leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs who want to embed social impact strategies across their business and would like both personal and peer support for doing this in ways that are joyful, effective and energising. There are a limited number of spaces available at this level. Apply HERE

What do you get instant access to?

This depends on the level of membership you sign up to. All memberships include:

  • Monthly community calls and fundraising Q&A calls. 
  • Online forums
  • Training courses - including the Give-to-Profit Intro Course and the Fundraising Challenge
  • Resource library - a growing collection of research studies, reports, ebooks and recommended resources
  • 10-20% discount off other eligible Give-to-Profit products/services
  • 10% referral commission

Select the best membership for you in the column to the right. 

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