Ever wish you had more good friends to talk to, go out with, or have fun with – without any self-doubt, drama, or having to compromise who you are?



Nourishing Friends 4-Week Online Course

For midlife women who want to enjoy good friends – who will energise you, bring out the best in you, and love you as much as you do them. 


Starts Wednesday 8th June 2022

The last course sold out so sign up today to secure your place 

Price - £125/$175











Good friends help you feel good, make the most of life, and live longer. Yet many midlife women feel lonely or wish they had more like-minded friends.

ANY of the following true for you?

  • You've don't have many good friends and have had enough of feeling lonely

  • You're unsure how to find or make friends with people who will energise you, bring out the best in you, and value your friendship as much as you do

  • You don’t want to feel lonely when a relationship, job, or chapter in your life comes to an end

  • Friends from the past have moved or drifted away and you miss having close friends nearby

  • You’re envious of close-knit groups of friends and want to find your tribe

  • You’re childless and wish you had friends who 'get' you and don't spend most of their time talking about their children

  • You're entering a new stage of life and want to connect with like-minded people for company, support, and fun. 

Now more than ever we need great nourishing friends – so we can support one another and embrace our wisdom years with more confidence, peace, and joy. 

The good news is you're not alone – there are plenty of other people looking for friends just like you. 

Ready to explore how you can meet them?


Nourishing Friends Live Online 4-Week Course

An inspiring yet practical group coaching programme that will make it easier for you to make and keep fabulous friends you will treasure for the rest of your life.

Join us to:

  • Look forward to a future brimming with fabulous friends and life-enriching experiences that bring joy to your heart
  • Enjoy friendships you can trust and rely upon so you feel fully supported and cope better when things get tough
  • Feel a deep sense of connection, belonging, and meaning through being part of a group of friends who bring out the best in one another
  • Turn your midlife years and beyond into an amazing journey that keeps getting better and better thanks to your friends

Imagine looking back upon a life full of nourishing friendships, fulfilling experiences, and cherished memories – a life of no regrets. 

Having plenty of nourishing friends will enrich your life in so many ways.

You’ve only got one life and you’re meant to be happy.

Ready to make more great friends now?


Your Nourishing Friends Adventure starts TODAY

What you'll get so you can enjoy a future packed with friends you will cherish for the rest of your life:

Week 1
Set Yourself Up for Success

Connect to what really matters, make friends with yourself, and step into the realms of possibility so you can break free from self-sabotaging beliefs and explore new friendships with wonder, confidence, and ease.

Week 2 
Define Your Ideal Friends

Get clarity on the types of friends you want and their ideal qualities so your friendships are easy, uplifting, and aligned to who you truly are – friends who will love you, respect you, and value your friendship as much as you do.


Week 3
Find Your Fabulous Friends

Complete a friends audit to decide which relationships to nurture and where to connect with new peopleso you find it easier to meet and attract wonderful people who will nourish your heart and become great friends.

Week 4
Nurture Nourishing Friendships

Design highly effective habits and energising rituals so your friendships flourish naturally with more joy, ease, and flow, and you're surrounded by friends with whom you feel a deep sense of love, connection, and belonging.  

Enjoy feeling fully supported

Course Materials

Receive videos, audios, and practical activities you can work through in your own time and download so you can refer to them anytime in the future. 

Group Coaching Calls

Join our weekly calls (for 4 weeks) to benefit from my personal attention, maintain momentum and get any help you need – so you find it easier to make more friends. 

Online Support

You’ll be welcomed into a private Facebook group for this programme, so you can feel supported by me and other participants, between calls.

1-1 Laser Strategy Session

Let's get you off to a great start with a focused 15-mins personal strategy session so you can get the most from the course and find it easier to meet and make kindred friends.

Fab Friends Mindset Workshop

Overcome mindset blocks and emotional triggers so you feel more confident meeting and getting to know people who accept and celebrate who you truly are. 

How to Say 'No' Nicely Video

Find it easier to say NO to what you don't want to do, so you have more time and energy for friends and family you'd prefer to spend time with.

Are you ready to have more great friends you'll cherish for the rest of your life?


 Imagine your life 6-12 months from now when you're surrounded by the love, support, and wisdom of fabulous nourishing friends...

This live online course will help you turn this into reality with more confidence, joy, and ease – with the support of an experienced coach to guide you and other women on a similar journey.


Price: £125 / $175 

Sign up now to secure your place. The last course sold out. 

Doors close: Friday 3rd June at 5 pm UK / 12 noon EST / 9 am PST 


The Practicalities

  • Start date – you'll get access to course materials on 1st June and our live weekly calls will start on Wednesday 8th June (see more below). 
  • Course materials - each training module (videos, audios, and practical exercises) is pre-recorded so you can watch or listen to them anytime. You can also download them for future reference. 
  • Live group coaching calls - attend our live weekly training calls to maintain momentum, share your progress, and get any help you need. You can also suggest topics you'd like us to discuss or brainstorm as a group. DATES: Wednesdays 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th June 2022. TIME: 5:15pm UK / 6:15 pm Europe / 12.15pm EST 
  • Call recordings - all our weekly calls will be recorded so if you can't make the live calls, you can listen back to them later. You'll also be able to submit questions in advance so I can answer them during the call and you can listen back later. 
  • Our online community - join our private Facebook group so you enjoy the support and inspiration that comes from doing this course at the same time as others. As well as your support calls, you'll be able to ask for help, share ideas, and connect with me and others here.  
  • 1-1 Laser Strategy Session (15 minutes) - let's get you off to a great start with a personal session with me via Zoom to clarify your desired outcomes and intentions for the course. I usually do my client sessions on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays, between 2-6pm UK / 3-7pm Europe / 9am-1pm EST / 6-10am PST.
  • Fab Friends Mindset Workshop - overcome mindset blocks and emotional triggers so you feel more confident meeting and getting to know people who accept and celebrate who you truly are. This will take place after the course in the summer. 
  • How to Say No Nicely - get access to this short training video after the course so you can say NO to what you don't want and have more time to spend with your new friends. 

By the end of this course, you'll be well on your way to having more fabulous friends. 

Your programme leader and coach

Hi, I'm Alisoun Mackenzie – I help midlife make friends and enjoy a meaningful life that lights up their heart and leaves a legacy they're proud of 

I started following my heart and living an authentic meaningful life when I choose to give up a career as a stockbroker in 1991 to go backpacking.

Since then, I've regularly made heart-centered decisions to change my life whenever it felt out of alignment – including friendships. 

Having been bullied and rarely felt I 'fitted' in when I was young, nurturing good like-minded friends has always been a priority throughout adulthood.  

This approach and cherished friendships have helped me make the most of life's ups and downs – travelling the world, running a successful business for almost 20 years, lovingly leaving a lonely marriage, coping better with burnout, fatigue, and menopause, and being involuntarily childless, publishing two best-selling books, and sponsoring two new schools in Asia. 

I wouldn't be enjoying my happy, fulfilling life without my friends – they make it easier, far more fun, and help give my life meaning. 

You're just one step away from your next fabulous friends' adventure

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