Do you ever yearn to feel a deeper sense of purpose, meaning, or connection? 

Or to make a difference in the world?

Many successful women in their mid-life years would love to do something more joyful and meaningful with their life

Do any of the following sound familiar:
  • You are experiencing changes in your personal circumstances, health challenges, or shifting family responsibilities?
  • You feel life is passing you by, there is something missing in your life or you have the desire to do something new?
  • You are transitioning into a new phase of life?
  • You want to feel a deeper sense of purpose or do something meaningful?
  • You spend too much time alone and crave more connection or a deeper sense of belonging?

The good news is you are not alone–many women over forty question the purpose of life and what's next for them.

What if this could be a beautiful time for renewal?

Your wisdom years are the perfect time to pause, reflect, and re-align your life to what really matters and the legacy you want to leaveNOW is the time to take steps to create a more meaningful and fulfilling life aligned with your values, skills, talents. and deepest desires.

You’ve only got one life and you’re meant to live it to the fullest

Imagine waking up feeling energised and excited about the days or weeks ahead

You are living a meaningful life and making a difference in the world. Striking a healthy balance between giving to yourself and others. Your self-care practice is working–you have more energy and are coping better with life's challenges. 

Developing a deeper sense of connection and belonging to something greater than you has been an enlightening adventure. But worth it. You are living your truth and embracing the radiant woman you were born to be. You've yearned for this moment for so long. You've done it! Imagine how good that feels...

The world needs YOU to be the authentic woman you were born to be!

Hi, I'm Alisoun Mackenzie and now in my fifities I know how challenging our midlife years and beyond can be

I started following my heart and living a more authentic meaningful life when I gave up a career as a stockbroker in 1991 to go backpacking for a year.

Since then, I've regularly made conscious decisions to change my life whenever it feels out of alignment. But it hasn't always been easy, particularly during my forties when I suddenly started experiencing burnout, fatigue and going through menopause. 

However, I've learned to embrace each stage of life and trust my inner guidance system. This inner knowing helped me take redundancy and set up in business, lovingly leave a lonely marriage, make the most of becoming involuntarily childless and discover my joy of humanitarian work. 

That's why I LOVE helping women over forty create more joyful meaningful lives and make a difference in the world. Through my work, books, and charitable activities, I'm on a mission to improve the lives of 100,000+ people. 



Welcome to My Meaningful Life Coaching Program

A unique transformational coaching program for women over forty who YEARN to feel a deeper sense of PURPOSE, CONNECTION, and to have more IMPACT in the world 
Complete this program to:
  • Feel better about yourself and the role you play in making the world a better place
  • Unleash a new flow of energy and optimism for the future
  • Step into being the author of your story and destiny 
  • Reconnect with your authentic self
  • Activate a deeper sense of purpose and connection 
  • Feel part of a community of like-minded women

Want to make 2021 one of your best yet?

During the time we have together I'll personally guide you through the seven steps to creating a joyful meaningful life: connect to your why; embrace possibility & success; develop healthy self-care practice; reconnect to the authentic woman you were born to be; get clarity on the impact you want to have in the world, create an exciting vision and take inspired action. 

By the end of the program, you'll be well on your way to enjoying a joyful meaningful life and building a legacy you are proud of. You'll also have tools and resources you can use again and again–whenever you feel the need to realign your life again. 

7 Steps to Creating a Joyful Meaningful Life

To the Program

Let's connect and get ready for the transformational journey you're about to embark upon. Let go of the past and create space for new opportunities. 

Reconnect to Your Why

Explore the nine pearls of meaning to get clarity on what matters most, the legacy you want to leave, and help you prioritise what to focus on first. 

Embrace Possibility & Success

Expand your vision for what's possible and let go of beliefs/ feelings that no longer serve you. It's possible. You can do this!

You Matter: Nurture You

Design a regular self-care practice that enhances your lifestyle and enables you to thrive (mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually). 

Connect to Your Authentic Woman

Get clear on your passions, gifts, desires to unleash your inner spirit and the authentic woman you were born to be.

Make a Difference in the World

Identify how you can be of greater service in ways aligned to tackling local, social, environmental, or global issues you care about. 

Create an Exciting Vision

Now it's time to consolidate your ideas and create a compelling vision that represents all the opportunities and possibilities you've decided to embrace. 

Take Inspired Action

Create a plan to prioritise and implement your ideas–so you ensure what you do in the future is aligned to your truth and the meaningful life you want to enjoy. 

The Format

Course Materials

Get life-time access to videos, audios, transformational activities and practical exercises. 

Weekly Group Calls

Join our weekly Zoom calls to share your progress, ideas, and discuss your questions. 

Online Support

Access to my client Facebook group for the duration of the program. 

Personal Support

If you'd prefer one-to-one support this is an option for an additional fee. 

Your Investment

There are a couple of options depending on what you're looking for:

THREE Month Group Coaching Program – get access to all course materials and 12-weeks of support through our Facebook group and weekly group calls. £95 a month, for THREE months (approx. US$125PCM). 

SIX Month One-to-One Program – to benefit from a deeper transformational experience, sign up for this longer program that includes two hours of one-to-one support a month. This one-to-one support can be used to help you implement course activities and/or help overcome emotional/mindset blocks. £195 a month, for SIX months (approx US$255 PCM)

Imagine how good it would be to feel a deeper sense of purpose, meaning, and connection.


£95 / $125


Course materials

12 Weekly Q&A Calls 

Facebook Group





Course Materials 

2-hours of 1-1 support PCM

Facebook Group 


The Practicalities

  • Start date – the next group program will start in April 21. You can start the one-to-one version of this program anytime. 
  • Course materials - the first module will be released the day after our orientation call and weekly on Wednesdays thereafter. Each module will include a video, audio, practical exercise, meditation, and transformational activity (NLP or tapping). You will be able to download all materials so you can refer to them anytime.
  • One-to-One support - if you sign up for the one-to-one program you will receive up to 2-hours of personal support from me a month. You can use this time in whatever way feels right–usually either weekly 30-minute sessions or 1-hour twice a month. I offer these on Tuesdays or Wednesdays between 11am-4pm UK time. 
  • Weekly Q&A calls – if you sign up for the group program you'll benefit from weekly calls. We will start with a live orientation call and introduction to the program on Tuesday 12th January. This and future weekly calls will take place via Zoom on  Tuesdays at 4-5pm UK time / 5pm Europe / 11am US Eastern / 8am US Pacific. Calls will be recorded so you listen to them at any time.
  • Our Facebook community - one of the huge benefits of being part of a group program is the support and inspiration that comes from other participants. As well as the weekly calls you'll be able to ask for help, share ideas, and connect with one another in my private client Facebook group.   

Happiness Guarantee

I know this program will help you create a more joyful meaningful life. However, if you are not happy with the results you get after implementing the whole program (and evidence you've done this), I'll happily refund 100% of the group program element. There are no refunds for the one-to-one call element.  


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