The Compassionate Sales Formula 

For business owners and entrepreneurs who'd LOVE more clients but HATE or AVOID selling.
Do you want to know how to sign up clients in a way that feels authentic to you?


Does the thought of sales conversations make you cringe?
Worry about coming across as pushy?
Want to know how to get more clients without compromising your values?

You're not alone...

Many of us heart-centered souls feel a conflict between who we are and what we need to do to get sales. 'Selling' feels at best uncomfortable, at worst downright dishonest. But what if I told you there is a kind and generous way to sign up more clients without selling your soul?

I'm Alisoun Mackenzie and I used to dread sales conversations. Until two business changing truths dawned on me:

One – There are many ethical, kind and authentic ways to sign up your ideal clients.

Two – Once you realise selling is just another way to help people solve their problems, you can even start to look forward to it 


"Selling is a great opportunity to be kind, when you connect to your heart, and focus on helping people."

Want to know how?

When you embrace selling as an opportunity to be kind, and learn what to say and do in a way that feels authentic to you, you'll find it much easier to sign up clients. 

How does that sound?

The Compassionate Sales Formula gives you the confidence to SIGN UP more CLIENTS in a way that’s KIND, AUTHENTIC and FEELS GOOD!

By completing The Compassionate Sales Formula you will:

  • Feel more confident and comfortable selling
  • Be full of great ideas for signing up more ideal clients and have a focused plan to follow
  • Know how to authentically promote yourself and follow up leads
  • Be able to structure client conversations in a way that feels good and closes the deal
  • Understand how to build great relationships and your tribe of followers

"Before I took the on-line Compassionate Sales Formula Course I would have done the washing up, emptied the cat litter tray or frittered away time on Facebook before starting any sales or marketing - anything to put off the ‘evil, scary’ moment of selling myself. But now I use sales and marketing activity as a displacement activity! Thank you Alisoun, this is all down to you!"

Julia Lister
The Cairngorms Webhelper

"I joined this course because the title said it all. I wanted to increase my sales compassionately. What I actually got was not just an increase in sales, but a huge amount of very valuable information that showed me specifically where the holes in my marketing funnel were. The training itself was also of a very high quality, with plenty of great back-up materials and inspirational conversations. I highly recommend this course."

Jane Duncan Rogers
Gifted by Grief

"I never thought I'd feel excited about sales. Within only 3 weeks of attending, I've doubled my number of clients – because I now speak to people differently about how I can help them."

Rebecca Holmes

"This course helped me clarify how to market my business effectively and has made me feel so much more comfortable selling – thanks for a great course!"

Jennifer Main
Theta Healing Edinburgh

Course Content

Module 1 – Embrace A Mindset For Success

Create a mindset for sales success that attracts your ideal clients towards you. We'll be using a mix of business savvy and practical tools (including tapping) to get past whatever's been holding you back.

Module 2 – Focus On Feel-Good Marketing Strategies That Get Results

Avoid overwhelm and frustration by choosing marketing strategies you enjoy most–those that connect you effectively with your audience, make the best use  of your skills, and generate plenty good leads.

Module 3 – Create Compassionate Sales Funnels

Fill the gaps in your sales process by creating highly effective and compassionate sales funnels that generate sales, in a way that radiates kindness, works for you and flows naturally for your ideal clients. With tapping practice to help you overcome any resistance you feel towards creating sales funnels.

Module 4 – Follow Up Leads & Build Great Relationships

Set up a system to follow up and build great relationships with your followers, leads and potential business partners. Discover how to nurture leads, create a community, manage your time well, track your progress and streamline/automate your sales processes. We'll use tapping to overcome any doubts, fears or resistance.

Module 5 – Structure Sales Conversations For Mutual Success

When you know how to help your prospects establish whether what you offer is the best 'fit' or solution for them, they are much more likely to sign up! Learn the secrets to structuring sales conversations that lead to a mutual buy-in. Again you'll also use tapping to clear any awkwardness.

Module 6 – Create Your Sales Action Plan

Time to pull it all together! Set specific sales goals, prioritise the resources you need, and create a practical, focused action plan you can follow every day or week. When you combine your sales plan with good emotional, mental, physical and spiritual practices, you and your business can only go from strength to strength.

What do you get?

What I offer here is a home study version of this course.

For each of the above modules you'll get access to a video presentation, slides, audios, practical exercises, templates and tapping exercises to change your mindset. You can download these so you can refer to them again and again indefinitely. 

If you also want ongoing support while completing this course, check out my Business Mentoring Program <HERE>

What's your investment?

I used to sell this home-study course for £295 (approx. US$385).
Now I give it away - for donations!

You see I'm raising funds to build a school in Lombok where 400 schools were destroyed by an earthquake. I thought helping you get more clients compassionately would be a great way we could do good together.

By completing this course not only will you help more people through your work/business you'll also be helping educate generations in Lombok too. A massive win for you, your clients, me, children, and a whole community in Lombok. An incredible legacy I'm sure you'll agree. 

To get access to the whole program above, all I ask is that you make a donation of at least £100 (approx. US$130).

That's a third of what I used to sell this for!

Sound good?

Simply make your donation using the button below and then send me an email (at [email protected]) saying you'd like access to this course and a receipt for your donation. 

Thank you!!!

Alisoun x


"I embarked on this course with full of trepidation, doubt and fear about selling. However, with Alisoun's excellent materials combined with her enthusiastic support I've had major breakthroughs in both my attitude and approach to sales. I can do it, I now enjoy doing it, all the tips and techniques are working for me. If you have any limiting beliefs or blocks about selling, I urge you to do this course now–it could pay for itself in one follow up call!"

Gillian Duncan

"I have loved working with Alisoun – she supported me so much in my biz by helping me to see that absolutely anything is possible. There are no limits. We can always reach our desired destiny when we let go of the confines of the mind."

Astra BizShaman

If you're still unsure, ask yourself...

Do you avoid the 'sales' aspect of building your business?

If you were more confident about following up leads, and having sales conversations, could have more clients?

Do you feel uneasy talking about money, your prices or inviting people to buy from you? 

If you've answered 'yes' to one or more of these questions (and you have a product/service to offer), this program is designed to help you take your business to the next level – but only if you're ready for more clients now! 

What I offer here is a home study version of this course.

If you are looking for ongoing support while completing this course, check out my Business Mentoring Program HERE

If you're not sure of your service/product offering yet, this may not be the best program for you at this time – unless you'd also like to work with me on a one-to-one basis to help you get clarity on this.