The On-line Course Creator

For heart-centered business owners and entrepreneurs and want to create on-line courses that sell, and deliver great results for their clients!

Want to earn money selling online courses?
Or to break free from the trap of exchanging your time for money?
Are you ready to turn this into a reality?

You're not alone...

Hi, I'm Alisoun Mackenzie and I've been there too – working long hours and dreaming of how earning passive revenue would free me up to enjoy my life more. I used to dream of earning money while asleep, until two business-changing truths dawned on me:

One – Unless I changed what I was doing and started creating on-line courses, nothing would change. I'd be stuck in the 'time for money' trap for years.

Two – Once you know how to create online courses there are so many ways to boost your income by repackaging your courses, cranking up your marketing and creating new products. 

There's no doubt; having money come into your bank account when you're not working feels AMAZING. But creating on-line courses can sometimes feel overwhelming too.

So what if I told you there is a way to make this easier and more achievable than you may think?

One where you can dip your toes in the water and earn some extra cash while creating your on-line course? And take things at your own pace?

When you switch to a 'wisdom product' mindset and learn how to create on-line courses, you create lots of new opportunities to earn more money in less time and make more of a difference in the world.

Want to know how?

This On-line Course Creator Course gives you the knowledge and confidence to CREATE profitable on-line courses that SELL – so you LEVERAGE your TIME better, EARN more MONEY, and MAKE a DIFFERENCE to more PEOPLE!

By completing this comprehensive online course you'll be able to:

  • Create, fill, deliver and EARN MONEY from your first on-line course
  • Create further on-line training courses your clients will rave about
  • Deliver on-line courses with confidence and impact
  • Structure engaging training modules to suit different learning styles
  • Design compelling outlines for your courses
  • Come up with attractive names and pricing for your courses
  • Boost your income by re-packaging your courses in different ways

"Alisoun is one of the best business trainers and mentors I've ever worked with. My business would not be where it is, and I wouldn't have launched my on-line course, without her help and support."

Jennifer Main

"At Alisoun’s Train The Trainer Training a few years ago, I realised teaching eight people in a classroom wasn’t achieving my potential of making a difference in the world. With her support I’m now earning money selling on-line engineering courses around the world."

Saffron Grant

Module 1 – Set a Compelling Goal

Connect to why you want to offer on-line courses through your business, and set an exciting goal aligned to this. Your first module is a beautiful mix of using your imagination, thinking strategically and nurturing a success mindset.

Module 2 – Find Out What Your Clients Want

Make sure you create profitable courses your ideal clients will buy – by first finding out what they want, the challenges they face and how best to promote your courses to them. Save time and discover how to get meaningful feedback using templates, incentives and low-cost software solutions.

Module 3 – Define Your Client Transformation

Make it easy for clients to sign up to your courses, by scoping out a client journey that flows naturally for you and your clients – a logical series of steps you'll take them through so they get the results they want. These steps will become the sequence of modules/lessons for your course.

Module 4 – Design, Name & Price Your Course

Design an attractive course outline with a compelling name, a marketable price and a sales landing page that appeals to your audience.

Module 5 – Set Up Your Seamless Client Processes

Set up a system to automatically take payment, welcome clients, seamlessly deliver course content and support your clients. This includes webpages and email sequences. Discover software solutions that can help with this and receive checklists you can use (and adapt) each time you set up a new course.

Module 6 – Arrange and Fill a Pilot

Creating your course content while running a live pilot is the easiest, quickest and most effective way to create courses your clients will love. Discover how to engage with your followers, stimulate interest and have people sign up to be part of this unique live training experience.

Module 7 - Create and Deliver Your Course

Learn how to create and deliver each module/lesson including: how to structure your content; record films and audios; create effective practical exercises; engage participants and accelerate learning. All so your clients are more likely to get the results they want.

Module 8 – Evaluate, Celebrate and Refine Your Course

Time to review the impact you've had on your clients so you can use this in the future! Discover ways to get meaningful feedback and effective testimonials from your clients. Refine your course and marketing copy to make future offers more compelling. Remember to celebrate achieving your goal too!


Module 9 – Launch Your New On-line Course

Decide on the formats to offer your future courses in, and come up with a plan to get more clients signing up! Choose joyful and effective marketing strategies to generate leads and learn the basics for putting put automated sales funnels in place.

What do you get?

Access to films, audios, slides and practical exercises for each module. You can download these so you can refer to them again and again. If you have any questions you can ask them in my Facebook Group or arrange a 1-1 Strategy Session.

Your Investment?

I used to sell this home-study course for £295 (approx. US$385).

Now I give it away - for donations!

You see I'm raising funds to build schools and homes in Lombok (made of recycled plastic blocks) and feel helping you create your online courses would be a great way to do good together!

You train others on your fabulous content and in doing so you'll have helped provide education and homes to people who desperately need our help.

 How cool is that? An incredible legacy I'm sure you'll agree. 

To get access to the whole program above, all I ask is that you make a donation of at least £75 (approx US$97). You're welcome to donate more of course.

That's less than 25% I used to sell this for. 


Are you in?

Simply send me an email saying you'd like access to this course.

Thank you!!!

Alisoun x