Frequently Asked Questions

The price of your trip depends on your room preference–twin or solo occupancy. 

Prices range from £3,155 ($4,695) for a twin room to £3,500 ($5,250) for solo occupancy. 

25% deposits are payable upon booking to secure your place. 

The remaining 75% balance will be due in February 2022. 

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I want to make sure that being part of this project is right for you, me and the rest of the team. 

This includes making sure you are happy with the scope and limitations of the project. Part of my role is curating an amazing group of women. I need to make sure you and others are a good fit for the team.

  • Positive, proactive successful women from all cultural backgrounds, who want to make a difference in the world.
  • Women who have lived an interesting life (typically over 40). 
  • Women who are interested in having more impact in the world, want to connect to a deeper sense of purpose or to take time out to do something meaningful. 
  • Women who enjoy travelling, experiencing new places and cultures, and meeting other fascinating women, from all cultures.
  • Women who value peace, love, kindness, diversity, community inclusiveness and minimising our environmental footprint.

What you 'do' is not important although most women on the trip are likely to be womenpreneurs, business owners, leaders, founders, volunteers, consultants, professionals, career changers, thought leaders, authors, artists, well-being specialists, film-makers, non-exec directors, investors, or women who have sold their business, lived overseas or retired early. 

This experience is NOT for:

  • Men or children (under 18)
  • People who want to volunteer at a school overseas. We believe schools are there for education and there are far too many reasons why it's inappropriate for people to volunteer in schools overseas. 
  • Women who want to travel with their children or male partners
  • Women with significant health issues (physical, mental or emotional). Bali and Lombok are in Indonesia. It is a hot humid country and may not have health facilities or hospitals up to the standards you experience at home. Facilities for disabled people are almost non-existent. If you're prone to illness when travelling to a developing country, or when you experience a different diet/water, please consider this before signing up. Fitness wise, Bali is a volcanic island and is hilly in the central region. That said, we're staying in locations with transport so unless you choose to do optional physical activities (when a moderate level of fitness is suggested) this need not be a concern. Please seek medical advice for any health issues prior to signing up. 
  • Negative women, women who are not interested in learning about and experiencing other cultures, women who want to spend most of the time drinking, partying, or gossiping. 
  • Women of white privilege are not interested in unpacking their unconscious bias

No. It is illegal to volunteer in Indonesia as this is seen to be taking jobs from the locals. 

Even it if were legal, many well intended Westerners volunteering overseas actually do more long-term damage than good. I'll be explaining more about this as part of the Global Citizen training that will be delivered to all team members. 

Thanks but I don't need any volunteers. 

I've already got a list of friends and business associates I've known for years who will be assisting as needed. 

Potentially. We will be visiting the school–at the invitation of local community leaders. They decide what kind of visit is appropriate culturally and in the best interests of the children–whether children will be present or not.  


As we're likely to be travelling from different places, our trip will start in Sanur, Bali.

However as you'll be getting to know other team members over the month's you're all fundraising, you may well decide to travel out with other team members. 

You can fly to Bali's international airport and get an airport shuttle or transfer to the hotel. You are responsible for travelling to the hotel in time for the start of our trip. Our travel agent can help you book the best flights and arrange your hotel transfer. 

You will forfeit your place on the trip and any funds you've paid towards this, subject to our cancellation policy. Any funds you've raised will still go towards the building of the school. 

Any funds you've raised/donated through your fundraising page will still go towards the school. 

No. There are only 12 spaces available on the trip. These will be allocated to the first 12 women who apply and are accepted onto the team. 

No. This is a woman-only trip, specifically for successful women over forty who want to have more impact in the world. You can of course arrange to spend time with family in Bali before or after our trip. 

The trip is an exclusive experience for those who raise/donate at least £2,000 for the school. 

How you source the money is up to you. You could fundraise or make a donation (personally or through your business). 

If we receive your written cancellation 120 days before the first day we are due to meet in Bali, this will result in a total loss of your deposit. 

If we receive your written cancellation between 46-119 days before the first day we are due to meet in Bali, this will result in a loss of 50% of the price of this experience.

If we receive your written cancellation between 1-45 days of the first day we are due to meet in Bali, this will result in a total loss of funds paid. 

Cancellation due to COVID: In addition to usual travel insurance, we recommend you take out insurance that covers the trip being cancelled due to a government ban on travel to Bali, the Indonesian Government shutting international borders, you needing to self-isolate or testing positive, and therefore being unable to travel. 

What happens to donations if the trip is cancelled?

If the trip is cancelled at any time (by either party, the funds you’ve already raised through your fundraising page will still go towards building a school in Lombok.

You are advised to take out insurance and book flights with reputable airlines/travel agents to minimise any potential risk of loss.  

Yes of course!

Anyone who pledges to raise £2,000+ will be set up with their own fundraising page you can use to gather, process and track donations. 

If you don't want to commit to raising this much, you're welcome to process donations through our team fundraising page. 

Please do however get in touch so we know what you're doing and can keep you updated with info about the school. 

A reminder of what's included in this UNIQUE once-in-a-lifetime experience?

The following are all included to make this a fun, enjoyable, and hassle-free trip for you:

  • 10 nights' accommodation
  • Meals - all breakfasts and dinners (excluding drinks)
  • Trip to Lombok - a return trip from Bali to Lombok (by boat, plane, and cars) to visit the school. 
  • VIP school visit - in whatever way the local community leaders decide is appropriate
  • A fundraising page - to enable you to easily collect and track donations and add transparency to your donors
  • A special pampering massage to help you relax and feel good. 
  • Pre-trip support so you find it easier to fundraise, bond with others in the team and get excited about your trip - monthly team calls and What's App group. 
  • Training calls about Bali and Lombok, responsible travel, and avoiding white saviour complex (if you have white privilege) – so can connect with locals with confidence, respect, and cultural appreciation.
  • Gifts - for the school community and school
  • Tips - for group travel and activities listed above
NOT included...
  • Your international flights to and from Bali 
  • Transfers between the airport and hotels at the start and end of your trip. These can be arranged through our travel agent.
  • Additional nights' accommodation before or after the dates of the trip
  • Lunches 
  • Drinks
  • Optional activities - activities not stated
  • Tips and entrance fees - other than those mentioned above
  • Insurance (travel, medical, activities & cancellation)
  • Vaccinations - you may be required to have a Covid-19 vaccine to enter Indonesia
  • Visas - prior to Covid-19, people from most countries could get a tourist visa upon arrival in Bali. We will advise you of visa requirements nearer the time. 
  • Other personal items such as souvenir shopping, personal phone calls/data roaming, extra massages, and spa treatments, personal taxis, and laundry services

Here's what previous team members say...


If you’re on the fence about getting involved with Alisoun’s school building project, get off and say yes! It’s a fantastic opportunity to build your network, make new friends, experience a new country and culture, and have a huge impact on the lives of young people. I can't even begin to describe the overwhelming emotion I felt when we visited the school. So many special moments I will treasure forever. I feel so proud to have achieved this and grateful to have been part of such an awesome team led by the inspirational Alisoun Mackenzie. Thank you!"

Mel Sherwood
Speaker, Author & Trainer


Being involved with any of Alisoun’s projects is always incredibly good fun, rewarding and fulfilling. This was a life-changing experience for sure! You’ll love the team spirit. You’ll be amazed at the people who support you. It was humbling to be part of something that affected so many people. "

Bernadette Petrie
Entrepreneurial Life Coach


Joining Alisoun’s fundraising team has been an incredible experience–one I’ll never forget and not to be missed! Remembering the children at the school still brings tears to my eyes. Alisoun is an amazing leader, who brought together a great team of people and organised a fantastic trip. I also now have more friends for life and the confidence to plan another trip for myself. "

Caroline McLuckie


I decided to join Alisoun’s school project so I could do something to improve the lives of women and girls overseas, as part of a team and to have the opportunity to see the impact of working together. Visiting Cambodia and the school really brought the project alive and raised awareness of the long-term impact of having built the school. It’s also been great to raise my awareness around global citizenship and having an impact. I’m so grateful to have been involved. It’s been a joy and privilege. Thank you! "

Angela McCusker
Woman of Impact


This is a highly worthwhile experience where your contribution will leave a sustainable legacy – it’s been amazing and trip of a lifetime we will never forget. It’s also helped me realise that having a major impact goal is achievable and how easy it is to have a positive impact when travelling. Thanks Alisoun!"

Jackie Forbes
Leadership Coach & Trainer


Joining Alisoun’s group has been an incredible experience that is not normally obtainable. Raising funds to build a school and then visiting it, the pupils, staff and community took the satisfaction of giving to a whole new level. What an experience!"

Laura Thomas
Founder of LT Thomas

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