Do you believe there's more to business than simply making money?








Imagine there's a place...

... you can hang out with like-minded business owners and leaders
...who care about others, communities and the planet
 ...people who want to make money AND a difference at the same time 
...a place where you can share ideas, connect and support each other 
...cultivating special connections, partnerships and friendships the knowledge the world will be a better place
...when we all stand united and act as one 
... enabling business to be a force for good

A community that could just become a movement

 ...of business owners, entrepreneurs, visionaries and leaders
...developing businesses, causes and brands that matter
...collaborating and exploring new opportunities 
...unleashing and showcasing talent
...challenging the realms of what's possible
...leading the way and inspiring others 
... and leaving a legacy we are truly proud of...

If any of that resonates with you...

Welcome to the Give-to-Profit Community

– a friendly place that will feel like home

Isn't business an opportunity to be kind?

Hi, I'm Alisoun Mackenzie and I used to think I needed to grow my business before 'giving back'. Until I discovered the opposite is true: that supporting causes and focusing on impact is a powerful way to GROW your business. 
I had this aha moment when I started raising funds for humanitarian trips to Rwanda. I didn't have time to do this in my personal life and so did it through my business instead. It was such a pleasant surprise that my business grew on the back of this. I quickly became more memorable and started attracting more clients and opportunities that resonated with my values. Give-to-Profit was born when people started asking me to help them do the same. 
Research shows that people around the world  prefer to buy from, work for and invest in businesses who do  good. This means NOW is the time to incorporate social impact and charitable giving strategies into your business... unless you want to send people to your competition...

Are you ready to grow a business that's BOTH profitable AND makes a difference in the world?

When you join the Give-to-Profit Community you will:

  • Turn your business into a force for good
  • Save time and money by integrating effective business giving and impact strategies
  • Attract and develop deeper connections with clients, business partners, staff and suppliers who share your values 
  • Get new ideas for doing good through your business
  • Find it easier to turn your ideas into reality–NOW rather than in the future
  • Expand your network of like-minded business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders and causes who can help you reach more people and maximise your impact
  • Discover how to weave your 'business for good' story into your brand
  • Start making the world a better place as soon as you join – we will make a donation to a cause 
  • Dance through each day with more joy and fulfilment  in your heart!

Turning your business into a a force for good is easier than you think!

Our members enjoy supporting and helping each other to grow successful businesses that are profitable and make a difference in the world

Here's what you'll get when you join...

Online Forums

Connect, share ideas and get support from Alisoun and other community members through our online communities – currently on Facebook and Slack. 

Community Calls

Connect, share ideas and get support from each other during our interactive group calls - you can join us twice a month for a Community Connection and/or Fundraising Q&A call. 

Online Training Courses

Get instant access to a range of online training courses. All members get access to the 1-hour Give-to-Profit Course and Fundraising Challenge. Higher levels of membership get access to more courses. 

Resource Library

Get instant access to a library of resources including ebooks, templates, research and other useful resources to help you have more social impact.


Receive 10-20% off other eligible Give-to-Profit courses and events plus discounts with our partners. 


We donate 10% of your subscription to a good cause. Currently we are supporting Classroom of Hope (see below).

LIVE Master Classes

AMBASSADOR level - get access to masterclasses on a range of topics by member specialists. What expertise could you share with our community?

Mastermind Sessions

AMBASSADOR level  - accelerate your impact and success with intimate monthly group mastermind sessions. These are virtual meetings using video software.

Leadership Circle

IMPACT LEADER level - enjoy exclusive personal support from Alisoun and other successful leaders who are embedding social impact into their business. 

Imagine how good it would feel to be making the difference you'd love to create in the world...

What's your investment?

That depends on the type of business you are and level of support you're looking for:

Change Makers 

Are you a business owner, entrepreneur, or leader who wants to learn how to grow your business by supporting causes, to be part of a community and to keep up-to-date with 'business for good' best practices? Or the leader of a charity or social cause?

Get access to our basic suite of courses including the Give-to-Profit Online Course, the Fundraising Challenge, a resource library, online forum, discounts, and monthly calls.  

FOCUS: Business giving, fundraising (cause marketing) and connecting with like-minded people from businesses and causes.


Monthly subscription

Businesses - £25 (approx US$35)

Causes - £15 (approx US$20) 



Enjoy lifetime membership of our community for a one-off payment of £495 (US$695).

That's a LIFETIME access and support for less than 2 years subscription. 

Available to the first 10 people who take up this offer.


Do you want to learn how to grow your business by supporting causes plus enjoy additional training and support on other business growth strategies e.g. marketing, product development or developing a success mindset?


Get access to all the same benefits as Changemakers PLUS additional training courses (see below), masterclasses, mastermind calls & the potential to showcase your expertise. 

FOCUS: Business giving plus other skills to maximise profit and impact e.g. marketing, mindset and passive income.


Monthly subscription

£95 (approx US$135)




Enjoy lifetime membership of our community for a one-off payment of £1,995 (US$2,795).

That's LIFETIME access and support for less than 2 years subscription. 

Available to the first 10 people who take up this offer.

Impact Leaders

Are you a successful business owner, leader or entrepreneur who wants to put social impact at the heart of your business? Someone who'd LOVE personal & peer support to help you do this authentically, joyfully and effectively?

 Get access to all community resources plus enjoy the personal support from Alisoun (one call a month) and connect with other impact leaders during monthly leadership circles. 

FOCUS: Strategy development, social impact, business giving and authentic leadership. 


Monthly subscription

£250 (approx US$350)




There are only 10 spaces available at this level at any one time. 

The first 10 people to sign up will enjoy a lifetime discounted monthly rate of £250 / US$350. Saving £100 (approx. $145) a month for as long as you are a member.

Subsequent members will pay £350 / US$495 a month. 

Community Memberships

£25 / US$30


For business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders who want to learn how to grow their business by supporting causes, to be part of a community and to keep up-to-date with 'business for good' best practices. 


Get instant access to our online community, training courses, member calls, discounts and library of resources to help you implement your charitable giving and fundraising  ideas.



Monthly community call

Monthly fundraising call

Online forum 



Library of resources - research studies, reports and templates. 


Training courses - Give-to-Profit Online Course and Fundraising Challenge.





10% discount off Give-to-Profit products/services

10% referral commission

Give-to-Profit Pledge image


£95 / US$135


For business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to grow their business by supporting causes AND how to improve their marketing or product/service offering for maximum impact.


Enjoy all the same benefits as Changemakers members PLUS additional training courses, mastermind calls, and the opportunity to apply to showcase your expertise in our community.



Monthly group mastermind calls

Monthly community calls

Monthly fundraising calls

Online forum 


Library of resources - research studies, reports and templates. 


Training courses - Give-to-Profit Online Course, Fundraising Challenge, The Compassionate Sales Formula, The Online Course Creator plus a growing library of masterclasses. 


Potential to showcase your expertise

15% discount off Give-to-Profit products/services

10% referral commission

Give-to-Profit Pledge image


Impact Leaders
£250 / US$350


For successful leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs who want to embed social impact strategies across their business and would like both personal and peer support for doing this joyfully, effectively and authentically. 


Enjoy exclusive one-to-one support from Alisoun plus peer support from a handpicked group of Business for Good leaders. With unlimited access to all community resources, calls, and courses.  



Monthy one-to-one sessions

Monthly group leadership calls

All other community calls

Online forum 


Library of resources - pick and mix all the resources AND training you want from our community. 






 Potential to showcase your expertise

20% discount off Give-to-Profit products/services

10% referral commission

Give-to-Profit Pledge image



  • Start date – you can join anytime and get immediate access to all resources upon signing up.

  • Online communities – we have membership communities on Facebook and LinkedIn. 
  • Monthly community calls –these calls are an opportunity for us to connect: the Give-to-Profit team will give you an update on what's happening, you will be able to share business giving/impact success stories and ask any questions about business giving, fundraising or social impact. Dates and times will be decided with founding members. Initially these are most likely to be on a Tuesday at 4-5pm UK time, 5pm Europe, 11am Eastern/ 8am Pacific. We will introduce calls to suit other areas of the world when we have members who want these. You will receive details of how to check dates when you sign up.  

  • Fundraising calls - likewise times and dates will be driven by our founding members. Initially these will take place once a month, usually on a Monday 5-6pm UK time, 12 noon-1pm Eastern/ 9-10am Pacific. You will receive details of how to check dates when you sign up.  
  • Ambassador Mastermind Calls - during these virtual 1-2 hour calls you'll enjoy dedicated time to ask the group for help, feedback or ideas with a challenge you face or something you're working on. You'll be spit into groups of people with a similar focus (e.g. marketing,  creating online courses or publishing a book). Dates and times will be agreed with founding members. 
  • Leadership Circles - we'll meet for 2 hours a month during which you'll enjoy dedicated time on the hot seat to ask for and receive help implementing your social impact ideas or overcome a leadership challenge. Meetings will be online until such a time there is demand to hold in-person meetings in Edinburgh, London or elsewhere.
  • Discounts - you'll be able to redeem your discount against eligible Give-to-Profit training and events (fundraisers are excluded). You will also benefit from various partner discounts. 
  • Referral commission - get paid commission for every new contact you refer to us using your unique affiliate link. 
  • The Give-to-Profit Pledge - we will be working with founding members to define the pledge (autumn 2018). Thereafter members who sign up to the pledge will be get access to a graphic they can use on their website and marketing materials. 
  • Cancellation - you can cancel your subscription anytime. 

Helping children break free from poverty around the world

Every month that you're a member of the Give-to-Profit Community we'll make a donation to a good cause. We are currently raising funds to build a school in Cambodia and so will donate 10% of your subscription to the charity we're doing this through: Classroom of Hope. If you've been referred to us by one of our business partners, this amount may be donated to a charity of their choice instead.