Business Impact Program

Putting Purpose and Impact at the Heart of Your Business & Events

86% of US consumers expect companies to do more than make a profit*


57% UK consumers say companies should be actively involved in solving social or environmental problems**



What difference are you making through your business?

Join us to get clarity on the impact you want to have in the world, decide the best strategies for your business, and become known as a business-for-good brand.


We're living in a time where the majority of consumers, employees and investors prefer businesses who care about more than simply making profits. There's an increasing need for businesses to be able to demonstrate the good they are doing. 

There are five stages to doing this: clarify the impact you want to make in the world (social and environmental), define your business impact mission statement, embed impact strategies across your business, measure your impact, and tell your story.  

I'll personally guide you through each of these steps and I'll support you as you implement your ideas.  

 By completing the program, you'll be well on your way to being able to communicate what your business stands for and demonstrating the difference you're making in the world–to staff, customers and other stakeholders. 

Here's what attendees of the workshop version of this program say..

"Thanks for shining the light and leading the way Alisoun. This workshop helped me see how our organisation could have more social impact and gave me facts that helped win the support of stakeholders. If you're serious about doing good through your business do this workshop! I can't recommend it highly enough. Alisoun is a brilliant and knowledgeable trainer. "

Bonnie Clarke
Client Relationship Director @ Remarkable

"What a fantastic, inspirational day. It really helped me to see how I could incorporate the causes I am passionate about into my everyday work. I had a few lightbulb moments throughout the day and I would highly recommend attending this workshop to see how you can do the same. This workshop provided ways to open my mind to new ways of thinking and actionable advice to make sure 'social giving' is at the core of business today. Alisoun's knowledge and energetic delivery style makes this a day I would highly recommend."

Caroline McKenna
Founder Social Good HQ

"A fab day! This workshop gives you the space to create and articulate the difference you want to make in the world. Alisoun facilitates the workshop very well. What a wonderful topic to spend the day exploring. A very worthwhile exercise for people at any stage of their business. "

Jackie Forbes
Graphic Facilitator @ Drawn to Learn

"What an inspiring day. I now have a lot more clarity and new ideas for revolving my business around social impact. It was good to meet and share ideas with interesting people. This workshop opens your eyes to newer ways of thinking. I highly recommend it. "

Veslemoy Klavenes-Berge
Founder of ByCause

"This is course is a must if you want to feel good about doing business and to respond to the change expectations of customers. It was powerful to pull together a mission statement and good to share ideas. "

Julie Begbie
Entrepreneur & Trainer

"This course can't help but have you leave with your brain buzzing with ideas and solid examples of how to put your ideas into action. Alisoun's knowledge, experience and enthusiasm are infectious. "

Louise Taggart
Workplace Safety Speaker @ MichaelsStory

"Insightful, challenging and incredibly thought provoking–the perfect mix of theory, discussion and action-led learning. "

Karen Ormiston
Marketing Manager

What's the format?

 This personal mentoring program is designed to maximise your impact. 

It's six on-line training modules you can work through in your own time (a mix of videos, audios and practical exercises).

Over the years I've found that those who get the best results from online training courses are those who enjoy one-to-one support. That's why I'm offering you two different formats of this program. Both are designed to help you implement your ideas more effectively:

Course content plus a one-off 90-minute strategy session


Course content, a strategy session, and two follow-up 1-hour sessions.

Learn how to:

Clarify the Impact You Want to Make

Get clear on your 'why' and clarify the impact you want to make in your community or the world. 

Align Your Business to the Global Goals

Consider and decide which of the UN Global Sustainability Goals resonate with your desired impact. 

Define your Business Impact Mission Statement

Craft a concise impact statement you can immediately use in your marketing and align your business activities around. 

Decide the Best Strategies to Implement

Decide the best social impact, environmental and giving strategies for your business. 

Measure Your Impact Effectively

Plan what, when, and how to measure your impact–so you have meaningful information to share.

Tell your Story and Build a Business-for-Good Brand

Share what you're doing, engage hearts and attract business aligned to what you stand for. 

What's your investment?

You'll receive lifetime access to all the training materials and the level of support you feel will best help you implement your ideas. 

Online course plus a ONE-OFF strategy session: three payments of payment £150 / US$195

Online course plus THREE sessions: three monthly payments of £295 / US$385

Time-wise, each training module is approximately 1-hour.  

What happens once I sign up?

You'll get immediate access to all the course content when you sign upYou are encouraged to download all materials so you can access these again anytime in the future. 

You can book your one-to-one session(s) as soon as you've completed the first module. These are to be used within six months of signing up. 

Who is this for?

Business founders, entrepreneurs and leaders of micro and SME businesses–in any type of business and at any stage of business.

This includes (but is not limited to) business coaches, mentors, advisers, conference organisers, digital nomads, consultants, trainers, accountants, tech companies, service providers, lawyers, web-designers, branding experts, marketing experts, speakers, authors, healthcare providers, sales professionals, therapists, social enterprises, change makers and thought leaders. 

Remember, customers, staff and investors prefer businesses that care about more than simply profits - join us now to get clear on what this means for you...

* Cone Communications Report 2017.  ** Havas Meaningful Brands Report.


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